5kg Super Maize Meal

Non-GMO Maize Meal

Thandaza Milling’s exclusively Non-GMO Super Maize Meal contains a host of nutrients, vitamins, fibre and fats. It is easy to cook, is always white, has a soft fluffy texture, tastes good and is a rich source of energy. Super Maize Meal is used for various meals, whether it’s for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Thandaza Maize Meal is produced from Non-GMO Maize that is independently tested by BKB Grains before milling, but may contain 1% GMO according to the law.

We have all convenient polypropylene bag sizes available for the whole family 5kg, 12.5kg 25kg, 50kg. The bag has many uses after the meal has been used.
We deliver for free if you fall within a 100km radius from us.

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