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How Our Milling Process Works

From the Silos

Because Thandaza Milling offers an exclusively Non GMO(Genetically Modified Organism) maize meal special care is needed when collecting the maize from the silos to ensure that the is no chance for potential contamination with GM maize. All trailors and machinery used need to be free from any GM maize from previous use. Before we can accept the maize into the plant we need to take random samples from the batch and have it tested to be sure that it is GMO free.


The maize that comes into the plant first goes through a cleaner that removes dust and sieves out any unwanted materials such as husk, straw, sand, stones and metal. It also sieves out potentially harmful seeds that might be amongst the maize.


After cleaning the maize goes through a conditioning process where moisture is added to the maize, this helps to separate the bran from the kernels during de-germinating and milling.


The de-germination process is where the maize kernels are rubbed vigorously together between two plates, this causes the kernels to break and the friction grinds the germ into a germ meal(Chop) which is separated from the samp and chips through a sieve.

De-germination gives you a better-quality maize meal and also prolongs the shelf life of the maize meal.


The milling process is where the samp and the chips are passed through pairs of rollers and passed through sieves. The sieves remove the remaining bran bits form a better-quality maize meal.

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